Comic Illustration

One Comic page illustration and storytelling created originally for this project.
This combines a 4-panel layout of a strip. Denoting the space of lettering.

Editorial Illustration

This editorial illustration artwork was created in response to a magazine text about how to be Fit in my 40's. the main words were about breathing, been calm and be relax. This was my response.

Mural street art

Collaborative mural in Griffith College made by Garrett Joyce and inspire by Ruth Campo.

The challenge of this project was to create two murals that enhance the space and work for all surrounding disciplines. This was a collaboration project with an Irish street artist.

You're Growing on me

You’re growing on me, it’s a playful piece about love and nature, how two lovers are both connected by the same root.

This project is a community collaboration with Dublin Canvas, trying to put some color to the city.

Dublin Canvas is an idea, a community art project intended to bring flashes of colour and creativity to everyday objects in the greater County Dublin area. Less grey, more play. The project takes previously unused public space and transforms it into canvases to help brighten up each area. Making Dublin a more beautiful place to live, work and visit.