Video and Animation

Animation is one of my favorite method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. I use traditional animation, as well as modern using Adobe premier and after effects. Adobe premier pro is mainly use for video editing and Adobe after effects to create motion graphics, and moving compositing.

Behind the scenes

This video is the behind the scenes of a fashion photoshoot created as support material for the last year fashion students at Griffith College.


This animation is a combination of methods using camera 4D as well as different effects apply for shapes.

Promotional Griffith

One minute promotional video of Griffith college, using different filters and typography. A combination of images and titles has created storytelling about life in college.

Puddle of feelings

The project involved main production steps to create a standard piece of animation/motion design in a real-world environment include
pre-production elements such as; Storyboard, Styleframe, and an animatic.